As someone who earns their living entirely online, I considered myself the last person I ever thought would ask the question, "Do we really need the Internet? However, the extended power outage of almost 4 days, ongoing loss of Internet access, combined with many other events surrounding the recent Hurricane Isabel caused me to reassess my priorities.

When "high-tech" business gets into a head-on collision with a natural or man-made disaster, we all need to ask, "Do we really need the Internet?

A million reasons why the internet is good for you

When a good friend of yours falls 30 feet off a ladder while helping his neighbors cut a tree off their house, fractures his back and neck, punctures a lung and must be airlifted to the hospital in critical condition - you don't need the Internet, you need faith he'll be okay!

When the hurricane's destruction threatens to ruin the surprise 50th wedding anniversary party you've been planning for over a year for your parents - you don't need the Internet!

You improvise and set up a human communication network that spreads the word to dozens of people who still show up and throw a party that creates memories that will last a lifetime! When you can't turn on your computer to get work done, you can still grab a good old-fashioned pen and legal pad and get more work done in the peace and quiet without phones, fax or email to distract you than you could ever get done when things get back to "normal.

In fact, looking back, I was more proud of the fact that on Saturday I found what was probably the last cold six pack of beer in all of Southeastern Virginia than I was about my last successful online product launch!

What’s an ISP, and Why Do You Need One?

And after spending many days and nights in the dark, I realized that the Internet represents the ultimate convenience, but it's also the ultimate business risk because so much can happen to shut the Internet down or prevent you from accessing it. Nothing is more important than the safety and well-being of family and friends. Sometimes it takes a calamity to remind us. Anyone who depends on the Internet for their entire livelihood should seek to diversify how they make their money - just in case the Internet disappears one day when you least expect it!

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Things you should be aware of while operating in online marketplaces.

Do we really need the Internet?

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All rights reserved. Create new account Request new password. First Name:. Last Name:.Internet is a nice medium to connect with the entire World.

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People use it as a medium to connect with other people, sharing files, entertainment, information and lots of other activities that are useful and beneficial in many terms.

While browsing internet I found many websites which are useful in many ways. Here I am mentioning top 10 reasons why people use internet. People browse internet for information. They love to browse various search engines like GoogleYahoo to know about any necessary information. Also people love browsing websites like Wikipedia which is a complete encyclopedia on internet.

Social networking is an essential medium to communicate with friend and family members. There are lots of social networking websites like FacebookOrkut, and Bebo which is heavily consumed by users for connecting with friends. Communication is another way to use internet. There are lots of other services through which people send messages. From office to schools, from business person to college students everyone send files through internet.

This is an essential part of their life. These file are send through internet. There is a very close relation of internet to entertainment. Now internet can save time and money of people. The facility is known as internet banking facility through which people can deposit any bill, transfer money through accounts, and make internet reservations on time from their home. People can make money online by using internet. People can make money online by many factual ways.

There are lots of options available. Designing, Freelancing, consultancies, software providers, application always help people to work in an easier way. Internet marketers use internet to sell products. There are lots of publishers available who promote others product by advertising on various websites blogs etc. Online education is very famous medium of study in developed countries and growing in developing nations. This is very helpful medium to promote education on that place where courses are not available easily.

Internet is growing with tremendous speed.Do you still need a landline phone?

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Check out these pros and cons that come with cancelling your landline phone service. By Sarah MuellerContributing Writer.

It seemed strange to not have one. There were other downsides, too. Once we identified the downsides and solutions, we were comfortable not having a traditional landline.

why do we need the internet?

But if you take a look at each bill, you might find that some of them are no longer necessary for your family. By eliminating bills like landline service, you can easily free up money in your monthly budget. We are not comfortable ditching our landline yet. We have 3 small children at home. Our home security system is also tied to our landline. I want a landline resurrection. Karen from South Dakota. As a former emergency dispatcher I can say for certain the cell phone does not transmit your location.

It will give you the latitude and longitude of the cell tower you are hitting off of, but it will not give the dispatcher your exact location. Now, there are more advanced centers out there than the one I worked at so I am sure their location services might be a little more advanced but mostly the location aspect has been romanticized by television.

What you have to be careful with is VOIP, voice over internet phones. If you are in Alaska and you have VOIP and you move to Texas, you need call your company and have them switch the address on your account. I have heard of incidents where someone moves and calls and it will immediately route back to their old address.

I will have to look into the Amazon Instant Watch. Thanks for all the details, Francis! I know we have our address entered into our VOIP settings and our cell phone provider has it as well. I have worked in dispatch for a police department and center for about eight months now. I worked dispatch for 6 years at a consolidated center.

We dispatched fire police, fire and EMS. People were so baffled by that. I always ask people, please, please know where you are at all times. We keep our landline for two reasons. We have relatives that we talk to that live in Canada and it is cheaper with a landline.

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Our children are old enough to stay home alone so we like having one really old style phone that has a spiral cord ie…not cordless so that they always know where it is in an emergency.Everybody needs three things to connect with the Internet: a computer running Windows 8 or another operating system, web browser software, and an Internet service provider ISP. You already have the computer, be it a tablet, laptop, or desktop PC.

And Windows 8 comes with a pair of web browsers. That means most people need to find only an ISP. Although music wafts through the air to your car radio for free, you must pay an ISP for the privilege of surfing the web. Ask your friends and neighbors how they connect and whether they recommend their ISP.

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Call several ISPs serving your area for a rate quote and then compare rates. Some places share their Internet access for free, usually through a wireless connection. ISPs let you connect to the Internet in a variety of ways. The slowest ISPs require a dialup modem and an ordinary phone line. Faster still are broadband connections: special DSL or ISDN lines provided by some phone companies, and the even faster cable modems, supplied by your cable television company.

When shopping for broadband ISPs, your geographic location usually determines your options. You need to pay an ISP for only one Internet connection. By setting up a network, you can share that single connection with any other computers, cellphones, TVs, and other Internet-aware gadgetry in your home or office. For more information about Windows 8 and its features, explore Windows 8 F or Dummiesavailable online.

Andy Rathbone is an expert on PC operation and repair, home theater and entertainment technologies, and tablet computing. About the Book Author Andy Rathbone is an expert on PC operation and repair, home theater and entertainment technologies, and tablet computing.It became so simple to get a piece of advice from a person you want, you need to place you question in a popular social network or in the special websites.

So, if to think deeply, nowadays having a computer and the Internet is not a privilege, but it is a primary need, which makes you an inevitable part of the modern world, in which we are living. To be a part of society. As I was talking in my article above being a social part is a necessary need and even obligation of every human. To be such one we need to follow the technologies development. And exactly the Internet favors this fact as nothing else does.

To get information they need. Going to the libraries or to different bookstores is no longer popular as at least several years ago because now it will be expensive to buy a book, and very time consuming as it is easier to download and to look through the article you need in the Internet by using Google.

Just by several clicks people can reach the data from every corner of the world. To communicate with each other.

why do we need the internet?

I guess the answer will be "No". Because if you once registered then you became addicted to it. Communicating through social network became a normal thing, and to say more now you can have friends all over the world and share valuable knowledge and experience both you and they gained.

To relax and to have fun. It is just for fun looking at different sites according to our interests. There are plenty of them, so we can choose whatever we want from cooking to archeology, from job offers to torrent sites. To watch movies, to read books etc. Nowadays we got used to that fact that we can find any program or movie put in the Internet. There are plenty of specially created websites, which allow downloading for free or for some fee. We can download them just with one click and for several minutes or for some hours depending on your connection.

But Intenet customers should be careful with content, that can be unsafe or even damage your computer. For security reasons it is highly recomended to have latest antivirus version and Internet safety software for paretal control. This can save a lot of your time and money.

An email will be sent to the address you gave with the login details. Sign up Notify me when the Xindesk alpha program is launched.Many of us are almost completely dependent on the internet; we do everything online and can spend 24 hours a day online based anywhere thanks to mobile devices. The internet can be used for learning, for entertainment, for workingfor meeting new people and for trying to change the world, and even for complaining about whatever is bothering us.

If you are one of the people on the planet who has the privilege of being able to access the network of networksyou must know that you have access to a tool that can bring about a great improvement in your life; indeed, there are studies and statistics that demonstrate that the internet is good for us.

That is, of course, as long as we apply common sense when using it. Photo by: Daftpusher. People, and especially teenagers, can get a lot of information about subjects that they feel uncomfortable talking about.

Although there is a lot of incorrect information online, there are also reliable sites that offer a great deal of help, free of charge, about health, depression and sexualityand a lot more.

In one study it was demonstrated that people over 60 years old who spend most time online are more likely to be more mentally active and to suffer less depression.

why do we need the internet?

According to that study, social networks can enable people of any age to make decisions about their health, once they have gathered enough relevant information. Access to the internet can increase the number of graduates at all universities. The large number of courses available onlinewhether free or requiring payment, offer many possibilities for study to all kinds of people whether they can only study via distance learning or if the degree they want to study for does not exist where they live.

Photo by: Markus Spiske. The internet contributes an average of 3. Money production through the internet is so high that it is the same as the amount in GDP produced by Canada each year and more than that produced by Australia; and the research only covered 13 countries, not the whole world.

The internet creates jobs and for each job created in the technology industry, five more are created in other branches, jobs that are needed to support an entire company. In the past 10 years, Skype has connected more than million people with each other worldwide. Overall, these people have talked for around 2.

Do We Really Need The Internet?

Likewise, divorces and separations are lower for those people who met their spouse through the internet. Utilizamos cookies para ofrecerte la mejor experiencia.

Si sigues navegando consideramos que aceptas su uso.

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We use first and third-party's cookies to improve your experience and our services. If you keep browsing, you accept its use.Learn about our people, get the latest news, and much more. Having our devices connected through the internet and other networks opens up a world of possibilities for us.

We can access the information we need without having to keep it on our devices permanently. We can communicate with others, allowing us to work together and organize our projects. These connected devices form the networks that help us run our lives. But these connections also leave our devices vulnerable to damage and our information vulnerable to theft.

Cyber and network security helps to solve this problem.

why do we need the internet?

The goal of network security is to keep the network running and safe for all legitimate users. Because there are so many ways that a network can be vulnerable, network security involves a broad range of practices. These include:. Losing confidential research, for example, can potentially cost an organization millions of dollars by taking away competitive advantages it paid to gain.

The majority of common attacks against networks are designed to gain access to information, by spying on the communications and data of users, rather than to damage the network itself. But attackers can do more than steal data. Competent network security procedures keep data secure and block vulnerable systems from outside interference.

More than that, it means that clients and partners can also interact with the organization confidently. Even the initial setup of security systems can be difficult for those unfamiliar with the field.

A comprehensive security system is made of many pieces, each of which needs specialized knowledge. Beyond setup, each aspect of security is constantly evolving.

New technology creates new opportunities for accidental security leaks, while hackers take advantage of holes in security to do damage as soon as they find them.

Properly securing your network using the latest information on vulnerabilities helps minimize the risk that attacks will succeed. Unfortunately, many of the technical aspects of network security are beyond those who make the hiring decisions. So, the best way an organization can be sure that their network security personnel are able to properly manage the threats is to hire staff with the appropriate qualifications.

Do you want to learn the skills needed to manage network security for businesses large and small?

The Cult mentality within Stan culture - Internet mythology

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